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If you are looking for a vocal coach in Tokyo to take voice lessons, you can find one on this web site. We have vocal coaches who can teach you how to vocalize for singing opera and musicals.

We promise to introduce you to the best vocal coaches in Japan.

Introduction of vocal coach

KEIKO Instagram keiko_bubbles

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music, Department of Vocal Music
She has won awards in vocal competitions and is well-versed in operatic, musical, and pop vocal methods.
She has developed her own vocal training methods. With her training methods, we promise that your singing ability will improve.
Many professional musical actors and opera singers have taken her lessons.

How to Vocalize

Her class is about learning how to freely control the organs involved in vocalization. Moreover, she incorporates exercises to increase the muscles necessary to powerfully move the vocal organs.

It is not widely known that in order to freely control the organs involved in vocalization, one needs to have enough muscles to do so.
It is her theory that the muscles needed to powerfully move the vocal organs can be supplemented by exercises.

Stage performers in a wide variety of musical and theatrical genres, including opera, musicals, rock, pop, and jazz, have taken her singing lessons.
When you learn her exercises, you will be able to adapt to a variety of genres and styles.
The quality of your performance will increase and you will be able to express yourself more richly.
Today, the exercises she has developed are favored by professional stage performers and studied by many professional singers.

She recovered from her illness through exercises she developed herself.

She proved that the exercises she had developed could help her recover from an illness that left her critically ill, paralyzed and immobile.
She was rushed to the emergency room on April 28, 2023, paralyzed and immobile.
She had Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Guillain-Barré Syndrome is a disease in which the body’s own immune system goes haywire and destroys its own nerves.
Many people suffering from Guillain-Barré Syndrome die.
She was rushed to the emergency room and admitted to the intensive care unit in a serious condition.
The only treatment for Guillain-Barré syndrome is the administration of intravenous drugs for five days, followed by rehabilitation to gradually restore the destroyed nerves.

Rehabilitation is done with a physical therapist and requires at least six months of hospitalization.
It takes at least one year for a person with Guillain-Barre syndrome to complete a full rehabilitation program and for her body to recover to its original state.
She was discharged from the hospital immediately after five days of intravenous medications, and she returned to work as a vocal coach three months later after her own exercises helped restore her nerves.
Of course, her doctors objected to her leaving the hospital so soon after the medication, but by communicating her strong will, she was able to return home.
As a result, she recovered at a speed that surprised the doctors.

Today, this has spread to many people, and some are attending lessons as a form of rehabilitation after their illness.
In addition, many professional singers suffer from sleep disorders.
By taking her exercises, singers with sleep disorders have been able to heal their physical distortions, relax their constantly tense bodies, and sleep better.

Lesson Studio

Lessons will be held at Sound Studio Noah, a music studio in Akihabara.

Sound Studio Noah, 6-14-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021

10 seconds walk from exit 4 of Suehirocho Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
5 minutes walk from JR Akihabara Station and Okachimachi Station

About the lesson

・Lessons are private lessons only.
・Please take lessons at least twice a month.
・Lesson time will be from 10:30 to 16:00.
・We offer 60-minute lessons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
・The first lesson is a trial lesson.

About language

You can choose the lyrics of the songs to be used in lessons in Japanese, English, Italian, German, or French.

Lesson Fee(tax included)

10,000 yen(60 minutes)
Trial lesson and regular lesson are the same price.

About other expenses

There are no joining fees or registration fees.
Cancellations made just before the lesson date will incur a cancellation fee.

Lesson conditions

1. Lessons are open to individuals ranging from beginners to professionals.
2. The lessons are aimed at players. Therefore, we do not accept applications from vocal coaches or their related parties.
3. You must take lessons at least twice a month.

About lesson cancellation

If you cancel right before the lesson date, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Payment method

Please pay the lesson fee to the vocal coach.
Lesson fees can only be paid in cash.

Prohibited matters

・Students are prohibited from publishing information about other students on websites, SNS, message boards, etc.
・Students are prohibited from disclosing their teachers’ personal information on websites, SNS, bulletin boards, etc.
・Students are prohibited from publishing lesson content on websites, SNS, bulletin boards, etc.
・Our lessons are intended for beginners and professional singers, so vocal coaches are not allowed to take lessons.

Please note that if the above prohibitions are not observed, legal action will be taken after consulting with our legal advisor.

From application to trial lesson

Please enter the necessary information in the lesson application form.

An application confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

Customer support and you will coordinate the lesson schedule.

Customer support will send you a lesson decision notification.

Please take a lesson.

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